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The Domino Effect

A  funny-peculiar performance about the relation of cause and effect  for children ages 6+.

Can the laws of nature be reversed? Or is everything a consequence of something else?

Two curious explorers are determined to find answers to these existential questions. They leave nothing out to examine and test action and reaction through movement, juggling, dance and not least playing! With a poetic and humorous approach, they cast new light on even the simplest mechanisms. THE DOMINO EFFECT awakens children’s imagination and playfulness by making them curious about the physical world around them. The show wishes to further understanding of cause and effect, and what it means to be in the same boat.

The performance is visual/physical and without words. Duration approx. 40 minutes.
The Domino Effect is a further development of Rapid Eye’s awarded performance Quiproquo.

"It makes both children and grown-ups sit there and marvel"
 ★★★★ Ungt teaterblod- theatre blog for younger audiences

"It is precisely and rythmically performed- and it is musical"
"It is a clever set-up...beautifullly choreographed"
Teateravisen- children's theatre newspaper

"Lovely, wily performance... splendid and the kids loved it and had to explore everything on stage afterwards"
Danig- Performing Arts Service

With Samuel Gustavsson, David Tholander
Composer and Live Musician Sture Ericson
Director Mads Rosenbeck
Stage Design / Costumes Signe Beckmann
Light Tobias Stål
Producer Nina Koldby
PR: Karen Toftegaard Aps

The Domino Effect premiered in September 2016 in Copenhagen, where it played at cultural hubs, schools and libraries for 14 days.
The show was later on performed in:
Torshavn and other cities  one the Faroe Islands via the Listaleypurin school network (Jan. 2017)
Copenhagen, Denmark at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge (Jan. 2017)
Copenhagen, Denmark at AFUK (Jan. 2017)
Sønderborg, Denmark at the annual children theatre festival Aprilfestivalen (April 2017)
Skanderborg, Denmark at schools via Dance for Kids/Dansehallerne (Sept. 2017)
Vejle, Xeneriet, Denmark (Nov. 2017)
Kalundborg, Denmark (Nev. 2017 + April & Sep. 2018) Via Dans for kids /Dansehallerne
Haderslev, Denmark (May 2018) Via Dans for Kids /Dansehallerne
Copenhagen, Denmark (March 2019) Via Dans for Kids /Dansehallerne


Photo Jacob Stage, Graphics Nete Banke

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