The Great Paradox of Play

Three Nordic Magicians, 40 pillows and one borrowed ring

A magically playful performance that lets go of the seriousness and the rat-race. On the stage, old tricks are awakened in new disguises, with room for slowness and space to pursue the impulses of the moment. The performance is accompanied by a subtle live electro-acoustic soundtrack.

The Great Paradox of Play surprises, inspires, investigates and celebrates the purposeless play that is so fundamental to our human existence. With clever movements, the three magicians transform the stage into an illusory universe dedicated to play and magic.

Duration: approx. 60 min.

Age: 12+

"You kind of lean back, and let the sequences stretch out. It is never boring or monotonous(..) And without revealing anything, the last trick is the absolute best. Here Rapid Eye beautifully points out how important it is, not to take things to serious." 
Ungt Teaterblod
”A rope cuts through a body, an other one disappears in a big pile of pillows. It is the surprise and the amazement that slowly brings forth the smile."
Weekendavisen, Majbrit Hjelmsbo

With: Axel Adlercreutz, David Tholander, Robert Jägerhorn
Live-music: Sture Ericson
Director: Samuel Gustavsson
Stage-Design/Costumes: Signe Beckmann
Light-design: Iro Suraci
Producer: Nina Koldby/ Betina Rex
International promotion and national PR: Karen Toftegaard
Poster photo: Karoline Lieberkind
PR photos: Malin Arnesson
Video trailer: Søren Meisner

In co-production with: Baltoppen LIVE (DK), Dansehallerne (DK), Cirko – Center for New Circus (FI), Landskrona Teater (SE)

The show opened at Baltoppen LIVE on February 11th 2018, and afterwards toured in Skagen (DK), Cirko in Helsinki (FI) and as part of Oulu Music festival (FI), Teaterøen in Copenhagen (DK), Landskrona Theatre (SE), Teater Momentum (DK), Bastionen (DK) and Gjethuset (DK). 

Front image

Karoline Lieberkind
Photo: Malin Arnesson

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